Me Time, Free Time

I have this little thing that I love to do. You can find me on a patio of a local restaurant or a park or even my own backyard. I used to always have company, a friend or loved one to share my space and time with. As I have gotten older, I have realized it’s in those small moments in time that I am able to hear myself breathe, listen to the beats of my heart and feel the sun shine down brightly on me.

I sit back now and watch the parents hustle and bustle down the sidewalk mindful of their children as they cascade down their path. I watch the young teen bounce down the cracks in the pavement as she listens to the beats in her eardrums and nods her head with complete satisfaction at the sounds that vibrate. It’s rare in life that we slow down and listen to our breathing, check in with our heart, or mend our broken thoughts by replacing them with good ones.

You see it’s easy to find a friend and to get help when needed. If you search long enough, someone will hear your cry but what if they don’t? I am speaking to a specific audience right now. A group of people from all walks of life who have need of a push…a desire to soar….and a hunger for a new horizon. I want to give you principles to help you replace the bad thoughts you rehearse in your mind. I want to give you a strategy to employ so that you can love you again.

It’s in those times when you are alone that you are free….Free to self-reflect, not criticize, and free to rebuild yourself again. What do you do when your thoughts are negative about you?

1- List every positive quality about yourself and the compliments that others have given you

2- List the gifts/talents that you feel God has given you or that you have been blessed with

3- List the positive things you have done, the influences and impact that you have made


5- REPEAT and the next time you think a negatively of yourself, come back to this list and repeat it till you own it, love it and know it!

Nicole Sheppard