Encouragement from Columbus

I remember studying about Christopher Columbus in school. He always inspired me because he wasn’t afraid to voyage out. I don’t know which version of the story is correct. Not even sure if he discovered this or that but what I do know is that his intuition, his boldness, his bravery, his intellect caused, led, or played some part in the discovery of unknown lands for our global population.

Today, I can be encouraged knowing that if nothing else, his accolades will tell a story of an amazing man who looked beyond his own needs, wants and desires and who was a gamechanger in American history. I have chosen to remember him today for leaving a legacy of resiliency, perseverance and commitment to thread unknown territory for expansion and growth for us all. Thinking of him made me feel that I too can persevere, thread new territory and impact our nation through discovery, expansion and positive steps.

Nicole Sheppard