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Nicole delivers what every woman needs to hear to get back up and reclaim your birth right!
— Lisa Nichols, Motivational Speaker
Nikki is passionate about helping others. She is good at her brand and what she does. I would recommend other to attend her engagements.
— Sherry Shepard-Conner

Nikki literally has one of the most beautiful spirits of anyone that I have ever met. She truly wants to see EVERYONE win! That is so rare. Working with her has brought so much joy to my life. I'm so grateful to have a mentor/sister/friend like her!

-Jazzella McKeel- Photographer

Nikki.Speaks is the place for motivation and growth!
— Jeanetta Thomas

This quote comes to mind when I think of Nikki and how she has inspired me. “A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself.”

Honesty and sincerity are two of  her great assets I admire.  She has inspired and encouraged me to find my voice by allowing me to share with the world my triumph and victories. Thank you Nikki for believing and pushing me to be my best self. 

-Donna Harris

Nicole Sheppard is a sisterfriend that has pushed past the limits set before her to be a change agent in this world. Her heart is bubbly, pure and a gift to those looking for advice, prayer or someone to laugh with. Throughout the years I have seen Nicole triumph through the valley and reach her mountain top to shout the message that “Everyone has a voice!” Nicole thank you for trusting me and giving me the platform to speak at your first Voice conference about my infertility testimony. By you taking a chance with me and allowing me to share my voice - it gave life to the new person I am today!
— Tammy Dwomo, Personal Assistant

Working with Nikki has been refreshing. I love the energy and forward pressure she applies to keep me focused. She’s the Ying to my Yang.

-Regina Diann